• Whisper Digital Laptop


Welcome to Face Front’ Inclusive Theatre’s ‘Whisper Me Digital’ programme which explores the way domestic abuse affects the mental health of children who witness/experience it.

The resources include:

  • Teacher's Pack with lesson plans
  • Films (available as Powerpoints or Youtube Links)
  • Teacher Training Videos

This pack aims to provide teachers with resources to support the digital content and to enable you to make full use of the learning points created by the drama. 

Face Front strongly believe that all children and young people have the right to be safe, happy and lead positive lives. We began to work with children in refuges for survivors of domestic abuse over 15 years ago. It was abundantly clear how their experiences had affected their mental health. 

At that time their voices were not being heard and so they did not speak. The schools where they attended did not know of their situation. We wanted to raise awareness and highlight the experience of both these children, and all the others who felt that they were alone with their pain.

This resource was created in response to the pandemic, when it was no longer possible to tour the live theatre show. We are happy to say that every challenge brings opportunity and this has enabled us to extend the reach of this valuable resource.

The ‘Whisper Me Digital’ programme is now available to be used by teachers in schools across the UK.